Crypto Castle Symposium 2022

2nd to 4th September 2022



Depolarize – Keep Communication

Everything has changed with the Internet, which has greatly decentralised the media space. Communities tied to a physical place or nation have lost their importance, and their function has been replaced by parallel virtual communities.

People who might never have met in the past are now forming powerful digital tribes. As in the past, tribes that did not communicate or spoke different languages used to fight or hate each other. Conversely, communication, common language and trade maintained friendly relations between tribes.

Communication was key, providing feedback and needed explanations. Its absence or censorship causes tribes to lose touch with each other, become radicalized and locked in their own opinion bubble.

In the 21st century, Western states believe that it is censorship that can reduce the polarization of society. Not realising the completely opposite effect. For by blocking information, it stops vital communication between tribes. Causing a further deepening of the opinion bubble. And radicalisation without feedback.

Which at best leads to collective madness, at worst to dehumanisation and war. And then there will be no one left to say it was all a big mistake.

At a time when information exchange is at its easiest, we need to listen the most. Keep the communication (going).


Pavol Luptak




Paul Rosenberg


Author of the Freeman’s Perspective newsletter

Juraj Bednar


Hacker and entrepreneur

Alexander Bard



Amin Rafiee


 Founder of Bittopia University

Pavel Šimon
Renewable energy and Decentralisation enthusiast
Pavla Holcová
Investigative Reporter
Ricardo Ferrer Rivero
Co-founder PEY.cash
Gideon Gallasch
Blockchainhotel + CryptoCastle Core Team
Yanislav Malahov
Founder of Aeternity
Cris Lingle
Economics Professor
Li Schoolland
Director of External Relations—Asia Pacific for the Acton Institute and the Founder of TFT Events


In the middle of Germany Schloss Zeit is creating a place that is exemplary for sustainable, social and culturally diverse coexistence and work. Together with the residents, actors from the region and impulses from Berlin international, we are transforming an iconic castle in Sachsen-Anhalt region from a forgotten relic into a modern Utopia

One of the goals is to use the castle and its outbuildings as a co-living platform for travelers.

Castle stays can be booked from 3 hours (for meetings) up to 3 months for those wanting to immerse themselves in the vibrant tech community and retreat from the city, with a onsite chef and program of activities to keep the members entertained.

Castle Impressions:


Welcome to the second edition of the Crypto Castle Symposium #CCS21 – Depolarize!

The event starts on Friday, September 2 at 2:30pm and ends on Sunday, September 4 at 3:30pm.
This may be subject to change as we approach the dates of the event.

Below, some FAQ’s. We didn’t answer your question? Drop us an email at info@cryptocastlesymposium.com and we will promptly do so.

We look forward to seeing you at this crypto weekend getaway!

What does the ticket include?
All tickets include access to the main stage and full castle premises, delicious food and beverages (soft and alcoholic) and shuttle from Kirchscheidungen Train Station.

In case of staying at the castle premises, make sure to purchase the ticket with the kind of accommodation you prefer.

Can my kids come to the event?
Yes, of course! Kids under the age of 16 can come for free with the purchase of a ticket from the responsible parent.

What kind of accommodations are available at the Crypto Castle?
1. Camping Zone or Caravan: You can bring your own tent and set it up in the beautiful courtyard of the castle. Alternatively, we also count on space to park your home on wheels!
NOTE: Glass bottles/containers, open fires, and camping stoves are prohibited. Please keep the area clean, no cigarette butts on the ground. Trash bins and ashtrays will be nearby at your disposal.

2. Shared Castle Room: Sleep in a single bed in one of the castle’s shared room, max. capacity is 10 people. Bathrooms are shared within castle guests. Assigned room, but first-comes first-served for bed.

3. Private Rooms: We have a very limited amount of private rooms for one or two people.

NOTE: Since the castle is currently in its enhancement/construction stage, be prepared for it. Bathrooms and showers are shared with all castle guests. They are properly and regularly cleaned.

Make sure to purchase the event ticket with the preferred kind of accommodation at the Crypto Castle.

What are the alternative accommodations to the Crypto Castle?
There are few hotels within a 22-min drive from the venue:
Hotel Kaiserpfalz
Hotel Schloss Nebra und Hotel Himmelsscheibe
Waldschlösschen Wangen “Hotel-Restaurant & Café”
Berghotel Zum Edelacker

How do I get to the Crypto Castle?
The closest airport is in Leipzig, then you can take a train or drive to the venue.

1. By train: The closest train station is Kirchscheidungen, from where we can arrange a shuttle service (included in the ticket price) if needed. Just write us an email at info@cryptocastlesymposium.com with your ticket order and travel itinerary.

2. By car: Input the following address in your navigation system Schloßbergstraße 56, 06636 Laucha an der Unstrut, Germany.

How about food and drinks?
This is an all-inclusive event, a variety of meals for your breakfast, lunch and dinner, including vegan friendly options, will be available during the event, as well as soft and alcoholic drinks.

Please write to us at info@cryptocastlesymposium.com or as a note at the moment of ticket purchase in case of any food restriction/allergy we may need to take in consideration.

What should I do upon arrival?
Upon entry, your valid ticket will be exchanged for a wristband. It is non-transferable and if damaged, please reach a crew member at the info point. Lost wristbands will not be replaced.

If staying at the castle, you will be instructed towards your room. Then you can just relax and enjoy this magical place 🙂

In case of an emergency, is there going to be a helping hand?
Yes! We will have an onsite paramedic and first aid kit available 24-hours. Don’t hesitate to reach us in case of any discomfort.

Buy tickets

Buy tickets online

Kids under the age of 16 can come for free!

#CCS22 #depolarize

Call for participation

Would you like to become a speaker? Great!
We are reaching our community and we are opening a Call for Speakers



  • Deadline for submissions: August 12, 2022.
  • You will be notified via email if your talk has been accepted or declined by August 19, 2022.
    CCS does not cover for travel, accommodation or honorary fees. If desired, we could accommodate you for 3 nights in a bed in a shared castle room.
  • Food and beverages are included during the event in the castle premises.
  • You agree that the information provided on this form can be shared on our different platforms (EXCEPT for personal contact information).
    #CCS22 main topic is Depolarize – Keep communication. You can find the manifesto on the home page. We appreciate addressing this topic from your point of view.
  • Speaking slots are 45 minutes, including Q&A.
  • By submitting your proposal, you are accepting these terms.
  • If you have any question, please contact us at info@crypstocastlesymposium.com

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