Crypto Castle Symposium 2021

unDystopia: Embrace Crypto, Protect Liberty

In the pandemic era of 2021, we are witnessing a radical erosion of freedoms and rights, a total loss of financial privacy, restrictions on the movement of people, and widespread spying on them. And no, we are not talking about China, Russia, or the Arab world. We are talking about the West, which used to be a bastion of freedom.

The Crypto Castle Symposium “unDystopia” is not just a desperate call for help; it is a constructive gathering of freedom-loving people who believe that crypto technologies can stop the gradual loss of privacy and offer a new personal and economic freedom.

That’s why this year’s CCS21 decided to use as a manifesto a fragment of Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s poem “The World is a Beautiful Place,” who during his lifetime fought against the censorship of literature in favor of greater personal freedom.

Crypto Castle Symposium (#CCS21) calling for “unDystopia” will take place on September 3-5th in the magical place of Schloss Zeit, in Laucha, Germany. 

It is our privilege to introduce you to the world’s top speakers who recognize the gravity of this situation. Most of them are working on liberalizing solutions for greater freedom.

The famous writer and author of the cult crypto-anarchist books Paul Rosenberg in his presentation “Dystopia Interrupted,” will present new models of society. The crypto-anarchist Amir Taaki will describe his DarkFi project, alongside Ivan “Parazyd” Jelincic. The crypto evangelist Peter Todd will talk about the consequences of COVID-19 dystopia, how epidemiological data about you is being collected and proven by track-and-trace schemes and vaccine passports, and what that means for surveillance and your freedoms. Swedish philosopher and futurologist Alexander Bard will talk about Exodus to a Protopian Society. Joel Dietz, founding contributor to Ethereum and Metamask and fellow at MIT, will speak about the Technology of Freedom. Slovak hackers Juraj Bednár and Pavol Lupták will explain how to Make Bitcoin Peer to Peer and Offshore Business thanks to Crypto great again. Max Hillebrand will have an excellent (remote) presentation about The History of The Future of Bitcoin Privacy. Our dear Rachel Rose O’Leary and Benoît Ferran will talk about Crypto’s Anonymous Underground rise.

At the same time, we will have workshops – Martin Habovštiak, responsible for Cryptoanarchy Debian repository, will lead a crypto anarchy workshop and Jon Durdel Decentralized Finance workshop.

On Saturday night there will be a one-of-a-kind NFT Auction, art created by illustrious 3D artist OrbSeer and an auction directed by famous NFT auctioneer, Theo Goodman. Following on the art path, the Crypto Castle will have a gallery with art provided by the artist Bythologist.

The 9th-century castle is a unique example of combined baroque architecture on the north and east wings; the south and west wings have been preserved from the Renaissance period to this day. The well-kept park with the terraced garden of the cavern in the middle, based on the Thetis grotto of Versailles, framed by the Unstrut canal with the tea house in the park, is part of the garden dreams “Historical parks in Anhalt” adorned by eleven statues by the Altenburg sculptor Joseph Blühme.

Schloss Zeit’s mission is to exemplify sustainable, social, and culturally diverse coexistence and work. Together with the residents, actors from the region, impulses from Berlin, and the international Blockchain community, Schloss Zeit in Laucha is to be transformed from a forgotten relic into a modern utopia.

The CCS21 is a unique all-inclusive event with limited capacity. Talks, workshops, delicious food & drinks, and crypto art, all under the same roof. Plus, all our guests will get special #CCS21 memorabilia, you have to be present to get it.

To demonstrate the current dystopian society, the organizers offered two types of tickets – paid tickets that can be bought entirely anonymously with cryptocurrencies. And free tickets require handing over a massive amount of personal information to obtain – most of which are already needed from many institutions and companies.

It makes visitors much more aware that if something is “free,” we pay for it by losing our privacy.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our founding partners for making the first edition of the Crypto Castle Symposium, a reality – Aeternity, Bliss Digital, Pendulum, Callisto Network, and TheStandard.io by Vaultoro.

Event – Crypto Castle Symposium 2021

Theme – unDystopia

Tagline – Embrace Crypto, Protect Liberty

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